Constable 1: Constable Tom Selman, Jr.

Constable 2: Constable Trae Trevathan

Constable 3: Constable Chad Wilson

Constable 4: Constable Ray Anthony

County Clerk: Ms. Amy Fincher

County Commissioner 1: Greg Harrison

County Commissioner 3: Robert Loggins

County Commissioner 4: Bobby Cheshire

County Court at Law 2: Judge Derek Flournoy

County Court at Law 1: Judge Joe Lee Register

217th District Court: Judge Robert Inselmann

159th District Court: Judge Paul White

County Judge: Judge Wes Suiter

County Treasurer: Ms. Debra Huffman

District Clerk: Mr. Reba Squyres

Justice of the Peace 1: Judge Billy Ball

Justice of the Peace 2: Judge Donnie Pucket

Justice of the Peace 3: Judge Pat Grubbs

Justice of the Peace 4: Judge Esther Barger

Sheriff: Greg Sanches

Tax Assessor-Collector: Ms. “Thelma “”Midget”” ” Sherman

District 57 Texas State Representative: Trent Ashby

Texas State Senate District 3: Senator Robert Nichols